Cell Hydration Science

When you Charge & Hydrate; on the field, mental clarity in the office and faster recovery from the demands of day. These are just a few of the benefits of Nimbus Cell Hydration Science when used in tandem with the cm2 Pulse BAND™!

Expect Peak Performance

Your entire body, including every cell is electric. Sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and other key minerals are essential compounds often referred to as electrolytes.  The human body is 60% water and when these electrolytes are dissolved in water they become powerful tiny electrically charged particles called ions. This electrically charged ion solution creates an efficient environment in your body for cell energy boosting, recovery and peak performance.

Just like an automobile battery needs the correct fluids before charging, the body’s cells also require electrically charged fluids to maintain energy and boost performance.

As the energy is raised in your body’s trillions of cells through the use of the cm2 Pulse BAND™, it becomes important that your cells, like batteries are in fluids that have the proper electrolytes that create an electrically conductive medium so cells can efficiently function and more importantly thrive at peak levels. It’s just science!

Why Drink Charge & Hydrate?

Simple, provide your body with an On –Demand Storage” of electrolytes so when the demands of the office or workout are summoned, the body’s cells respond like a champion.

The energy of the electrical charged properties found in Charge & Hydrate also play a pivotal role in nerve function, neuron communication, blood pressure regulation, muscle movement and overall cell health.

Water Just Isn't Enough...

The body in total is 60% water and your brain and heart are about 73%. Like all cells, especially the brain and heart require an electrically charged fluid for peak performance.

Always use X2 Charge & Hydrate™ in tandem with your Nimbus cm2 Pulse BAND™to gain the energy edge and unleash your power within. This is the Fusion of technology, science and you!

Primary Benefits:

  • Reduce cramping, shorten workout recovery, boost energy and swiftly replenish fluids.
  • Boost your mind and energy when you Charge & Hydrate™ while using the cm2 Pulse BAND™.
  • Infuse water with the refreshing taste and powerful benefits of Charge & Hydrate™
  • Electrolyte rich fluids create a powerful energy bridge between cells.
  • Peak physical and mental performance requires electrolyte infused hydration
  • 100% more electrolytes than most popular sport drinks (per oz.).

Charge with the Nimbus cm2 Pulse BAND™ and powerfully energize and hydrate with science driven, Charge & Hydrate™.

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