Nimbus Performance is founded on proven science and your body’s ability to reach its peak potential. It’s science.

Think about it, the best person to improve your health and performance is you! At Nimbus, we don’t focus on symptoms. It’s all about you and the science to unleash that amazing power you already have trapped within.


The incredible creates increased energy and movement at the cellular level, promoting a cascade of positive benefits

Scientifically proven cell hydration blend of key electrolytes for smart daily use. An amazing blast of flavor and hydration for performance and health.

When you Charge & Hydrate, expect peak performance on the field, mental clarity in the office and faster recovery from the demands of the day. There are just a few 

Simply provide your body with an on-demand storage of electrolytes so when the demands of the office or workout are summoned, the body’s cells respond like a champion.

The energy of the electrical charged properties found in Charge & Hydrate also play a pivotal role in nerve function, neuron communication, blood pressure regulation, muscle movement and overall cell health.

Why embrace X2Base, Complete Core Nutrition? Simple, provide your body with a complete storage of core nutrition so when the demands of stress, poor diet, challenging work outs or illness arrives, your body can summon and deliver the building blocks of health, defense and repair like a champion.

Complete Core Nutrition creates the building blocks of powerful cell health.  When cells are healthy, expect improved metabolism, energy on demand, strength, and peak performance.  Your cell health also has lasting effects on the heart, brain, eyes, skin, muscles, digestion, blood, bones, metabolism, and overall cell energy.

What are the benefits of Nimbus Nutrition?

Shopping lists eliminate wasted food and saves you money and time.

Healthy food with the tastes you will crave.

Pairs perfectly in conjunction with Nimbus cm2 Pulse Band, cm2 WEB and X2 supplements.

Designed to be cost, taste and time friendly to make each night in the kitchen a success.

You’re going to love not only the way your food taste but also the way your body feels with the specialized Nimbus Nutrition Meal Plan!

Today is the day, make the smart and exciting decision to experience Nimbus Cell Health. Today is the start of a healthier, happier and more whole you!

You deserve to be

You deserve Nimbus Performance

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Nimbus Experience – The Video

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